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Bloom: A Collection of New Queer Voices

June 11, 12 and 13th, 2021


A collection of new works in progress written by playwrights in the LGBTQIA+ community

F E A T U R I N G:

Girl: A Gender Expression

by Ezra Brain (they/them/theirs)

Friday, June 11th 7:30pm EST

An experimental exploration of gender from a very subjective point-of-view. Girl seeks to explore the political, social, and professional experiences of being not just a trans person but a specific trans person. Mixing dialogue, speeches, dance sequences, and everything in between, Girl is a radical demand for specificity, self-acceptance, and a deconstruction of the traditional ways that plays are created that attempts to shock, enrage, comfort, and challenge its audience. And maybe it’s also funny?

Moon Bear 

by Nina Ki (she/her/hers)

Saturday, June 12th 7:30pm EST

In the human world, two young siblings who have recently lost their mother search for family and belonging in a world where both are elusive and often misleading. Meanwhile, in the god world, Bear and Tiger seek to pass a rigorous test to become human - but find the results not quite as expected. Moon Bear combines the real with the fantastical, proving that sometimes the family you need is the one you never saw coming.

Baruch HaShem

by Josh Levine (he/him/his)

Sunday, June 13th 3:00pm EST

A humorous family drama that explores what happens when a conflict over religious beliefs causes a rift in a tight-knit Jewish family and how that trauma resonates twenty-five years into the future.

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