July 28th-August 1, 2021

When the goddess Venus becomes jealous of the young mortal Psyche’s beauty, she unwittingly sets in motion a love story of mythic proportions. A dramatic reinterpretation of the classical myth Cupid and Psyche, this audio play was created by a team of exclusively queer women artists and nonbinary artists. As an experimentation in form and structure, it strives to grapple with the modern queer themes of an ancient story.

F E A T U R I N G:

Stephanie Everett as Psyche
Alisya Reza as King
Naomi Agnew as Eldest
Sophia Therese Kinne as Elder
Saga Darnell as Venus
Kate Budney as Cupid
Narrated by Gustavo Mercado Muñiz

P R O D U C T I O N:

Written and composed by Madeleine Waters
Directed and produced by Kelleen Moriarty
Stage managed and creatively produced by Aoife Hough

Graphic Design by Giovi Moriarty and Hsi An Chen